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Full Range of Options, Transparency and Education

The nature of our approach is to help provide for and protect your clients’ wealth in a non-conflicted support capacity. We work with you to define and provide services to your clients’ in a manner that is consistent with how you conduct business. We strive to enhance what you are doing and help you fulfill your promise of complete, comprehensive financial planning. You gain additional expertise on your team to help you honor your fiduciary role. The real benefit is providing efficient, scalable wealth protection and transfer solutions for clients in an unbiased, open and consultative environment.

 Estate Planning
Long-Term Care Planning
Legacy & Wealth Transfer
Disability Income Insurance
In-Force Policy Assessments
Business Planning Strategies
Life Insurance Analysis
Charitable Gifting Strategies

Policy Review Process

Through our life insurance Policy Review Process, we conduct a thorough review of your clients' existing insurance policies on your behalf. We provide a picture of the current health of their policy and stress test the policy on how it is performing relative to current and future objectives you have set. If the policy’s performance is not a fit with your clients' objectives, we consult with you on how the existing policy could be brought into alignment with the clients' current and future goals.

Advanced Case Design

In addition to evaluating the decisions you and your clients have made with their legal and tax advisors, we become an integral resource as part of your wealth building and wealth transfer planning team. We design insurance solutions that help minimize your clients’ risk and maximize available planning techniques. We bring dedicated advanced markets attorneys that assist in the design of business and personal insurance strategies, including:


  • Deferred compensation and executive benefits programs.

  • Business succession and estate equalization strategies in the event of your clients’ death or disability.

  • Personal estate and gifting strategies to help ensure the orderly transition of your clients’ wealth.

Business Valuation Services

Business valuation is often the starting point for significant business planning. We provide access to business valuation services at no cost to help you and your clients eliminate the risk of their greatest asset being depleted due to unforeseen circumstances. Through our carrier relationships, we provide business valuation services using five commonly used valuation methods. By providing a valuation, you are able to develop strategies to help preserve the value of your clients’ business and prepare for the future succession and transfer of their business.

It is our privilege to help you preserve and protect your clients' wealth.
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